Customized security for data protection and peace of mind.

infotex’s security analysts create high-performing security systems that monitor your security in real time.

Human Eyes on all your Networks

Customized Signatures for Detection

15-Minute Average Response Time

You need to ensure your Client's information is secure.

The thing is, security isn't simple.

Do you feel overwhelmed with how to best manage the security of your customer's online presence?

Does your current cookie-cutter system not allow for customization?

Are you struggling to keep up with the constantly changing landscape of cyber threats and regulatory requirements?

You want a teammate, not just another application.

When you work with infotex, we become a part of your team.

Evaluate your system, both the network and employees

Incorporate all elements of security detection but monitor it with human eyes

Educate and create policies and protocols for the future

Real-Time Security Solutions

Expert monitoring, comprehensive assessments, and customizable policies ensure robust enterprise protection.

Network Monitoring

Establish monitoring networks (MSOCs), investigate and respond to threats, all in real-time with human eyes. 

Security Information Event Management (SIEM)

Real-time monitoring and daily reports, all evaluated by data security analysts for any red flags. 

Consulting & Speaking

Evaluating current policies and providing awareness training and topical education for the entire team.

Audit & Assessment

Identify and assess all technical and non-technical aspects of the business’s health.

Endpoint Detection and Response

Recording, analyzing, and reporting local user and system activity in order to have a leg up on any potential threat activity. 

Policies & Procedures

Pre-created templates available for customization in eight categories. 

Security starts now.


Talk with an Analyst

Our analysts will work with you to understand the security concerns your business is facing and help you identify any potential risks.


Evaluate & Customize

We create a security plan that is designed to provide the highest level of protection possible, taking into account the specific needs and requirements of your organization.



We implement and integrate security measures into the client's existing infrastructure while providing ongoing monitoring and support.

21+ Years of Experience

24/7/365 Support

People oriented. Security focused.

At the heart of our mission is a genuine care for people and their digital well-being. We blend our expertise with a warm, empathetic approach to create lasting relationships built on trust and respect. Together, we work to create a secure digital environment that puts people first.

Let's find the right solution for you.