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Welcome to Dan’s New Leaf

By Dan Hadaway | Monday, February 1, 2010 - Leave a Comment

Welcome to Dan’s New Leaf, where I will try to post once per week.  Okay, that might not be realistic all the time, but let me to commit to at least one post a month, or twelve per year!

Some Dan’s New Leaf posts may be home-page material, but Dan’s New Leaf will not be like the articles you have seen us write in the past.  Instead, there will be no focus or agenda for this category.  Just my musings, advice, philosophy, help.

That last one would be great, if I could respond to questions by clients that pertain to many clients, and maybe even get discussions going!

(The compliance people have just whispered to themselves.  Collectively.  “What?”)

(The marketing people are saying “aha!” and “yahoo!” and “I told you so!”  )

I’ve been writing articles for my.infotex.com since it was established in 2003.  I have to admit that Matt Jonkman had to show me how to post at least three times before I became self-sufficient.  Okay . . . . five times!

But now our team can enter a dialog between our friends and clients.

Why?  Because we can manage the entire public presence!  Yes, even us non-technical people.  With the exception of mind-boggling tasks like infrastructure management, disaster recovery, permanent collateral changes, security parameters, etc., we design the way content is presented.  With easy-to-use moderation, we can encourage and incorporate feedback.  Our articles no longer have to be static posts . . . . they can become a continual work in process!  The opportunities that this presents in just the policy development area of our business are excellent!

And it’s all because instead of waiting in line behind higher-priority projects for the technical staff, I can add functionality and information.  We can add new user types, create pages and categories of pages, even categories!

(The technical people are saying “yahoo!” and “finally!”  )


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