Top 20 Tactics for 2014

2014 Tactics for Small Banks

Each year I make a list of what we see small banks considering when they strategize for the upcoming year.   The following is a list of twenty such tactics:

  1. Continue with Customer Education Rollout
  2. Consumer Capture (or mobile remote capture or whatever your vendor calls it)
  3. Finish Multi-factor Authentication, Move it to the Transaction
  4. IRP Scenario Testing:  DDoS and CATO
  5. Anomaly Detection on ACH and Wire Transfer Transactions
  6. Investigate Enterprise Risk Management Applications
  7. Vendor Management Applications
  8. Respond to New Guidances:  Social Media Guidance, Third Party Management Guidance, rumors of guidance on portable device security.
  9. Addressing Windows Upgrade Issues:  XP Retirement, what to do about Windows 8?
  10. Debit card fraud protection
  11. Update Branchless Banking Strategy
  12. EVM Planning and Preparation / ATM Upgrades for EVM Chip
  13. Increased demand for benchmarking
  14. Board portals, byod, portable device strategies
  15. Personal Financial Management
  16. Bank2Bank Payments
  17. Monitor BYOD and Portable Device Strategies
  18. Monitor Cloud Computing
  19. Finish Network Monitoring Layers:  ELM, DLP, Endpoint Security, NAC
  20. Continue researching Digital Discovery and E-Retention, to be ready to create a position when necessary.


Founder and Managing Partner, Infotex

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