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Three Hour Seminars and Webinars

Three Hour Seminars/Webinars

Customer Awareness Training
Creating your customer awareness strategy and how to prioritize tactics.

Information Technology Strategy
Creating a strategy and identifying tactics that will stand the test of time, audits, and user satisfaction.

Management Awareness Training
The entire IT Governance Program presented to the Management Team. This talk can be generic, based on FFIEC guidelines, or can be customized to your financial institution’s unique IT Governance Program.

Monitoring IT Risk
Event Log Management, Security Event Information Management, Intrusion Prevention and Detection, Ongoing Technical and Non-technical controls Testing, Risk Monitoring, and Policy Enforcement.

Redesigning Your IT Governance Program
Seven simple but far-reaching tactics to creating an appropriate governance strategy for your organization.

Technical Security Standards
Creating documentation the management team needs, but will never understand.

The Branchless Banking Program
How to create a new program that addresses everything from authentication risk assessments to wireless banking to mobile devices.

The Simple IT risk Management Process
We’re sorry, a simplified risk assessment does not exist. However, with a simple process, you’ll be able to apply the appropriate level of complexity to risk assessing.

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