The New Ransom for Crytolocker (can you say, zero?)

All 500,000 victims of Cryptolocker can now recover files encrypted by the malware without paying a ransom.

Our article review today comes with two links.  First, the actual article explains how a couple of security competitors have partnered to render Cryptolocker ineffective.  The article, written by Mark Ward of the BBC, is in itself is a great weekend read.

Second, the actual key is here.

If you are not familiar with Cryptolocker, consider yourself lucky.  It’s a “fairly new” form of malware called “ransomware,” where it encrypts all the files on an asset and then requires payment for the key to unlock those assets.

The new tool, developed by FireEye and FOX IT, is simply the key that must be used to decrypt the files.

Take that, bad guys!

Original article by Vigilize.

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