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Standard 1 Hour Talks

Standard One Hour Talks

A Flood Comes One Drop at a Time
Combating fraud with ongoing security awareness training.

Avoiding the PC Time Warp
Being more effective with e-mail, web surfing, and social media.

Board Awareness Training
Board responsibilities, as they relate to Information Technology Governance, as delineated in the FFIEC guidelines.

Compliance Officers Are From Venus, IT Folks From Mars
A talk about the need for compliance officers to be on the IT steering committee!

Creating a Branchless Banking Program
The need to create a new IT Governance Program to address all “branchless banking assets” including mobile devices, Internet banking, mobile banking, etc.

Customer Awareness Training
Establishing a customer awareness strategy that works!

Down and Dirty Vendor Management
What you need to do yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Hack Attack Live
Watch while a non-technical person hacks into a website.

Insider Theft
We’ve all been aware of the numbers our entire career. This talk dives down into real-life examples of how “trust” cannot be a control.

Internet Banking Review Basics
Implementing an Information Security review as it pertains to e-banking, based on FFIEC guidelines.

Outside the Branch
Next generation bank technologies.

Password Management
Beyond enabling Microsoft’s rather weak enforcement capabilities, much must be done to properly manage authentication processes.

Redesigning Your IT Governance Program
Seven simple but far-reaching tactics to creating an appropriate governance strategy for your organization.

Social Engineering in the Second Decade
New tactics for testing user awareness, incident response, and your overall security awareness posture.

SOS – Student Online Safety
What parents can do to increase the safety of their children while online.

The Business Case for Zitmo
A talk about Zeus, Zitmo, organized Cybercrime rings, and what we can do to protect our organizations from them.

The Horse, then the Cart – Controlling Mobile Banking Risk
The top five risks with Mobile Banking and how to avoid them.

Top Five Threats to Financial Institutions
A rundown of the top five threats to financial institutions from in information security perspective.

Top Seven Non-Technical Audit Findings
A Rundown of the top seven findings in our information technology audits.

Updating Your IT Strategy
The five most important steps to ensuring that your annual strategy update is all-inclusive and yet unencumbered with unnecessary detail.

Using the infotex Boilerplate Set
This youtube.com video comes free when you sign up for more then $500 worth of boilerplates per year.

What’s The Deal?
Why vendor management is so important.

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