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Our trained auditors and security analysts can help you manage information technology risk.

A Balanced, Empathetic Approach:  Being a Managed Security Service Provider means we too are audited, and being an Audit Firm helps us prepare our Managed Services Clients for their audits!

Technology Risk Management

infotex is an Indiana Bankers Association Preferred Service Provider. Our services align with regulations and compliance concerns that effects various industries including:

Of course, our highly skilled team maintains certifications that facilitate our services.

In 2005, we announced our new Event Log Management System (ELM)!
Back in those days we called it our Log Management System, and nowadays it has evolved into what is called a SIEM (Security Information Event Management) System.  Our ELM will acquire, consolidate, monitor, and report on any and all log activity from hardware (servers, firewalls, network devices) as well as software (e-mail applications, active directory, AVS, content filters, patch management applications, etc). We can also bring in logs, reports, comma delimited data from any of your authentication systems, from critical applications including Internet Banking systems, EMS Systems, Mortgage Origination applications, Core Applications, Teller Applications, etc.

Our data security analysts watch your system in real time, and react to emergency events 24x7x365.  Our database allows custom queries as well as queues up correlation opportunities, trend information, troubleshooting reports, etc.



Contact us for assistance with your information security and information technology risk management needs!  Ask for a demo of our Managed Security Services Portal!

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