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2023 Webinar Schedule


10 AM

The Four Basic Truths of System Security

The last thirty years have seen an evolution of frameworks, laws, and assessment approaches to information security which can intimidate the management team with their complexity. This webinar will discuss the four basic truths of system security regardless of frameworks or approach, and eight control systems to manage information security risk. If management understands these basics, as well as the eight control systems, it will be easier for the team to understand and navigate the many different frameworks and approaches out there today.


10 AM

R7: 2023’s Top Seven Technology Risks

What are the top seven risks your board should know about in 2023? Since 2006, we have been compiling a list of the “top seven risks small institutions are facing,” in preparation for our board presentations. This webinar will present the 2023 list in a manner that you can show to your board! (See the 2019 movie on how to present this to your board.) Your auditors want you to start training your board, this movie will help them “see” what most small banks are “seeing” at the board level. More importantly, it will kick the year off in the right fashion, and ensure continued maintenance of your security culture.

This is great webinar-video for ISO’s needing material to take into the board meeting!

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