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You Spoke, We Listened

Full 2020 Schedule


9:45 AM

Tech-Shop (A Virtual Workshop for Bank IT Geeks)
IBA presents and infotex Live Workshop!

Time for a workshop for the technical side of the community-bank. Time for a workshop full of command lines and configurations, acronyms we are forbidden to use around management, and even dark-web jokes.

Time for a workshop where we can turn off the webcams but share our screens. Time for a very technical workshop.

Time for a Tech-shop!!

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10 AM

Reinventing Meeting Management

In our current world of uncertainty there is at least one thing that is certain. Business needs to continue, and that means that it is important for managers to be able to meet with their team even if everyone is working remotely at this point.

In this Webinar-Movie, Dan will compare virtual meeting management best practices with the traditional practices we have been using throughout our career, so that we make remote meetings more productive and, of course, safe.

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To Be Announced

What to expect in an infotex tabletop test
2020 Update

This presentation is intended for those who are planning to participate in an infotex incident response test. Please let us know what questions you have, when we have our Plan Walkthrough and Test Plan Approval meeting!

To Be Announced

As Simple as it SIEMs: Technology Risk Monitoring for Banks
2020 Update

Update: Having worked as the MSSP of choice for several school corporations since 2003, infotex has developed a posture approach that will ensure our number one deliverable:

“Our Clients Sleep at Night.”

Dan will review why a school corporation should be using a SIEM, what a SIEM actually is . . . . and then the fun begins as we walk through a SIEM in action and discuss tuning processes.

To Be Announced

Testing Your SIEM part Deux
2020 Update

Update: All our eggs are in one basket now, and we’re watching that basket. Or are we? Now that we have fully deployed a SIEM how do we make sure that the SIEM is indeed functioning properly? This session will deliver a test plan that we can implement independent of our auditors. This is an update to our movie, with new test methods.

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