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Oracle Releases Patch for Java Vulnerability

By Vigilize | Tuesday, September 4, 2012 - Leave a Comment

Experts still suggest disabling or uninstalling Java.

Oracle has released a patch for the Java bug which allowed hackers to install dangerous malware on any computer running a version 7 Java plugin. While experts are commending Oracle for their quick response, they are still stressing that Java will continue to be popular with attackers as it provides the highest infection rate among the most vulnerable applications. An attacker is likely to be two or three times more successful at infecting a computer when they do so through Java, than if they used the next most vulnerable application.

Most websites don’t use Java, opting for the more popular JavaScript or Flash. Most everybody can disable Java on their web browsers and not notice a difference. Because of this low need for Java in day-to-day use, many experts are advising individuals as well as organizations to disable or uninstall Java on their systems.

Article “Security Experts: Java Should Be Disabled Unless Necessary” by Brian Prince

Read the full article here.

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