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Magnificent Seven Branchless Banking Risk Management Kit

By Dan Hadaway | Tuesday, November 22, 2011 - One Comment

Get ready, the Branchless Banking Risk Management Kit is Coming!

Just an advance notice for those of you who are wondering how you’re going to get your risk assessments done before your next examination, we are getting ready to release our Branchless Banking Risk Management Kit.

Included in it will be seven magnificent components:

1) Branchless Banking Policy (a replacement for your outdated e-banking policy).

2) Authentication Risk Analysis:  an answer to “The FFIEC Supplement.”  This will help you identify assets needing more robust authentication.  (And we consider a transaction to be an asset.)

3) Customer Awareness Strategy Boilerplate

4) Incorporation of other “branchless banking assets” such as Social Media, Telephone Banking, ATMs, and of course Mobile Banking.

5) Boilerplate “Strategy for Response to FFIEC’s June 28, 2011 Supplement to 2005 Authentication Guidance.”

6) Drill-down risk assessments for the following assets:

a) Mobile Banking

c) Mobile Devices (bank-owned smart phones, tablets, etc.)

d) On-line Banking

e) Remote Deposit Capture

f) Social Media

7) Plus, some surprises!

This information will be FREE to existing Infotex Clients (call for a password.)

For non-clients . . . we’re not sure yet.

We’re hoping to release this by Christmas!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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One Response to “Magnificent Seven Branchless Banking Risk Management Kit”

Comment from dhadaway
Time 11/22/2011 at 11:51 am

One interesting thing that’s coming out of our analysis of this: we might actually add a 9th “subprogram” to our FFIEC map. Those who have been to our workshops know that we have mapped the FFIEC guidelines to eight IT Governance Programs: Risk Management, Access Management, Asset Management, Business Continuity, Vendor Management, Security Standards, and Awareness Training. We’ve always seen “electronic banking” as a component of Asset Management. However, we’re on the verge of adding a ninth component: Branchless Banking.

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