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Legal Notice

By Vigilize | Wednesday, February 22, 2017 - Leave a Comment

We are providing you with our “Legal Notice” for your reference. You may contact us about the legalities of using this website or with any questions you may have.


Policies, Disclaimers, and Other Notices

Your Consent and Changes to This Legal Notice
By using the website, you consent to the terms and policies of this legal notice. Infotex, Inc may decide to change policies on this page from time to time. When we do, we will post those changes on this page.


The information on this website is © Copyright as of January 1st of the date on the footer, or the date the page was published if expressed in the article.  The copyright is owned by Infotex, Inc. All rights reserved. Any unauthorized duplication is prohibited. This includes all information attached to the infotex.com and/or infotex.com domain name and/or any information in subdirectories of this domain.

The works of authorship including, but not limited to, all design, text, images, and sounds, contained in this Site (individually and collectively “Publications”), are owned by Infotex, Inc. except as otherwise expressly stated. The Publications may not be copied, reproduced, transmitted, displayed, performed, distributed, rented, sublicensed, altered, stored for subsequent use or otherwise used in whole or in part (individually and collectively “Reproduced”) in any manner without Infotex, Inc.’s prior written consent, except to the extent that such use constitutes “fair use” under the Copyright Act of 1976 (17 U.S.C. § 107), as amended, and except for one temporary copy in a single computer’s memory and one unaltered permanent copy to be used by the viewer for personal and non-commercial use only, with an attached copy of this Disclaimer Notice.

Some articles on this website are reviews of third-party articles, written and copyrighted by third parties.  These articles are identified as “article reviews.”  Any work quoted from third-party articles are not owned by infotex .  While we are careful to credit writers of articles we review, our review is not an endorsement of these articles.  If you are a third party whose article we have reviewed, and you do not want our review of your article to remain on our website, we will take it down when we receive notice by sending an email to [email protected]

If you are interested in obtaining a license to reprint information on this website please send an email to [email protected]

Some of the works of authorship on the Site were provided under license from other entities with all rights reserved. You may provide a hypertext link to this Site on another Website, provided that: a) the link must be a text-only link clearly marked “Infotex Home Page”; (b) the link must “point” to the URL “http://www.infotex.com” and not to other pages within the Site; (c) the appearance, position and other aspects of the link may not be such as to damage or dilute the goodwill associated with Infotex, Inc.’s name and trademarks; (d) the appearance, position and other aspects of the link may not create the false appearance that an entity, product, service or work of authorship is associated with, sponsored by or endorsed by Infotex, Inc.; (e) the link, when activated by a user, must display this Site full-screen and not within a “frame” on the linked Website; and (f) Infotex, Inc. reserves the right to revoke its consent to the link at any time, for any reason, in its sole discretion.

Important Disclaimer Notice: Website and Webinar Terms of Service

Infotex, Inc. makes reasonable efforts to present accurate and reliable information in the material published or on webinars and/or other visual and audio presentations using GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, Webex, RemoteLink, YouTube, and other web presentation tools and/or provided within the domain www.infotex.com (“Site”). Infotex, Inc. is not responsible for any error in or omissions from the information contained in or accessed through this Site, nor is Infotex, Inc. responsible for the timeliness of the information. The information in this Site is not intended to provide specific advice about individual legal, business, or other questions, and it is not a substitute for users’ independent research and evaluation of any issue. These services and materials do not constitute legal advice. If specific legal or other expert advice is required or desired, the services of a competent professional should be sought. All of the information in this Site is provided “as is” and without warranty of any kind. Infotex, Inc. makes no representations of any kind and disclaims all express, implied, statutory, and other warranties of any kind to the user and/or any other party, including, without limitation, any warranties of accuracy, timeliness, completeness, efficacy, merchantability, and fitness for any particular purpose. Infotex, Inc. shall have no tort, contract, or any other liability to users of this Site and/or any other party. Infotex, Inc. shall not be liable to users and/or any other party for any lost profits or lost opportunities, or any indirect, special, consequential, incidental, or punitive damages whatsoever, even if Infotex, Inc. has been advised of the possibility of such damages. All rights reserved. These materials may not be reproduced in any way without the written permission of Infotex, Inc. The opinions or viewpoints expressed on the Site do not necessarily reflect those of Infotex,Inc. infotex  adds attendees of their workshops and webinars to their announcement mailing list. The disclosure of this practice is included in the webinars and workshops.

Hyperlinks Are Not Endorsements
Infotex, Inc. is in the business of promoting the interests of our Clients and does not promote the services, products or publications of any particular product, vendor, or firm. Links to outside Websites or references to products, services or publications or articles, other than those of Infotex, Inc. at this Site, do not imply Infotex, Inc.’s endorsement or approval of such Websites, products, articles, services or publications, nor are such links or references any indication that Infotex, Inc. has received specific authorization to provide these links or references. Infotex, Inc. does not seek approval to review articles that we review on this site.  Infotex, Inc. does not endorse, approve, certify or control these external Websites, and is not responsible for the accuracy, timeliness, completeness, efficacy, merchantability, fitness for any particular purpose or correct sequencing of information located at such sites. Rather, the links on this Site to other Websites are provided solely as a convenience to users of this Site.

Privacy Policy
Infotex, Inc. respects and protects the privacy of the individuals that use this website. Individually identifiable information about you is not willfully disclosed to any third party without first receiving your permission, as explained in this privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”).

Infotex, Inc. may send a “cookie” to your computer. A cookie is a piece of data that identifies you as a unique user. Infotex, Inc. uses cookies to improve the quality of our service and to understand our user base more. Infotex, Inc. does this by storing user preferences in cookies and by tracking user trends and patterns of how people use our website. Infotex, Inc. will not disclose its cookies to third parties except as required by a valid legal process such as a search warrant, subpoena, statute, or court order.

Most browsers are initially set up to accept cookies. You can reset your browser to refuse all cookies or to indicate when a cookie is being sent. Be aware, however, that some parts of the website may not function properly if you refuse cookies.

Infotex, Inc. does not collect any unique information about you (such as your name, email address, etc.) except when you specifically and knowingly provide such information. Infotex, Inc. notes and saves information such as time of day, browser type, browser language, and IP address with each query. That information is used to verify our records and to provide more relevant services to users. For example, Infotex, Inc. may use your IP address or browser language to determine which language to use when showing search results or advertisements or to allow you access to specific pages which require your authentication (such as our client extranet.)

Infotex, Inc. may share information about you with advertisers, business partners, sponsors, and other third parties. However, we only divulge aggregate information about our users and will not share personally identifiable information with any third party without your express consent. For example, we may disclose how frequently the average user visits the website or the total number of hits on a particular page in a particular time-span. Please be aware, however, that we will release specific personal information about you if required to do so in order to comply with any valid legal process such as a search warrant, subpoena, statute, or court order.

We use a third party application for analytics; therefore, information about the way users navigate our site is shared with this third party. However, the identity of users is not shared (other than IP address and other information that can be derived by browsing a website such as browser type, location, etc.).

International Use Policy
Infotex, Inc. makes no representation that materials on this site are appropriate or available for use in locations outside the United States of America, and accessing them from territories where their contents are illegal is prohibited. Those who choose to access this site from other locations do so on their own initiatives and are responsible for compliance with local laws.

Some U.S. states provide rights in addition to those above or do not allow the exclusion or limitation of implied warranties or liability for incidental or consequential damages. Therefore, the above limitations may not apply to you, or there may be state provisions which supersede the above. Any clause of this Legal Notice declared invalid by the appropriate authority shall be deemed severable and shall not affect the validity or enforceability of the remainder of this Disclaimer Notice. The terms of this Legal Notice are governed by the laws of the State of Indiana, without regard to its conflicts of laws rules, and may only be amended in a writing signed by Infotex, Inc.

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