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Windows Source Code Leaked

By Dan Hadaway | Friday, February 13, 2004 - Leave a Comment

There have been rumors for a day or so that portions of the source code for windows 2000 and NT had been illegally released to the public. There is a zip file circulating that’s about 300 meg. The reported source for either of those operating systems is around 50 gig, so this is definitely a smaller portion of it. However this is interesting for many reasons.

First, if this portion of code is related to rpc or authentication mechanisms, it’s VERY likely that attackers will find numerous new attack vectors. The problem is that many will not be discovered by reputable researchers, and thus not disclosed.

Second, this could lead to a number of new worms and viruses that could target functions and parts of the operating system never tested, creating even more vulnerability possibilities.

Microsoft confirmed that the source was released in this statement: Statement from Microsoft Regarding Illegal Posting.

Keep an eye on this in the press, there could be very serious security implications.


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