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Feds Warn of Malware in Fake Credit Union Advisory

By Dan Hadaway | Monday, August 31, 2009 - Leave a Comment

A government agency is warning all federally insured credit unions to be on the lookout for a bogus alert delivered through the US mail that includes two CDs containing malware.

As posted by The Register, the fake alert purports to come from Michael E. Fryzel, the chairman of the National Credit Union Administration and warns of phishing and vishing attacks that attempt to steal members’ account credentials. It then requests that officials review training materials contained on the CDs.

Read the full article posted by The Register: Feds warn of malware in fake credit union advisory

SPECIAL NOTE: Banks should be aware of this as well. Who is to say that the “bad guys” will just go after credit unions. If they can use ploys using the NCUA, who is to say that they won’t attempt to use the FDIC!