Hackers Exploit Fingerprint Software to Steal Windows Passwords

Vulnerability in UPEK Protector Suite fingerprint-reading software puts Windows users at risk

A new vulnerability in fingerprint software discovered last month which allows hackers to steal a Windows account password has now been independently confirmed by two security consultants.

The Apple-owned software is known as UPEK Protector Suite and uses a specific fingerprint for logging into Windows as opposed to a memorized password. However, this software makes users less secure because it actually stores the Windows account password to the registry, encrypting it with a key that is quite easy for hackers to obtain. With the key, hackers can extract a password in mere seconds.

Security consultants suggest uninstalling the fingerprint-reading software and making sure the passport data is also deleted. Unless the Windows account is configured for automatic login, the password will not be stored in the registry.

Original article by Dan Goodin.
Read the full story here.

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