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Join us in promoting awareness through education!

We have always subscribed to the philosophy that the best mitigating control is Awareness. Our talks and workshops help to increase your awareness of the various topics we speak about, while providing great tools to get you started on implementing a particular “control.” We also provide great tools such as: boilerplates, links to resources, policies, and procedures.

Below is a brief list of talks offered by infotex. Click the title link to view more detailed information on each type of talk.

Check out the IT Governance Tour for the current year’s schedule!

Standard One Hour Talks

50 to 75 minutes, depending on your needs

Top Five Issues in Network Monitoring

A Brief History of Change

The Four Promises (Managing Vendor Risk)

Bring Your Own What?  Managing Portable Devices Risk!

Incident Response Testing

Taking your Customer Awareness Training to the Next Level!Two versions – 3 hr webinar

Top Five Trends in IT Auditing

A Flood Comes One Drop at a Time – Awareness for the Board

Avoiding the PC Time Warp

Officers Are From Venus, IT Folks From Mars

Board Awareness Training

Customer Awareness Training

Down and Dirty Vendor Management

Hack Attack Live (usually about 15 minutes, where we do a hack in front of an audience)

The Branchless Bank

Password Management

Top Five Threats to Financial Institutions

Top Seven Non-Technical Audit Findings

Updating Your IT Strategy

Using the infotex Boilerplate Set

Using the Cybersecurity Assessment Tool, Iteration #3

Three Hour Seminars/Webinars

Customer Awareness Training

Information Technology Strategy

Management Awareness Training

Monitoring IT Risk

Redesigning Your IT Governance Program

Technical Security Standards

The Branchless Banking Program

The Simple IT risk Management Process

Eight Hour Workshops


Governance Principles Non-Technical Management

Customer Awareness Training

Incident Response Planning

Monitoring IT Risk

Risk Management Program

Technical Security Standards – Tweak the Geek Speak

Technology Compliance Training

Note: These workshops are designed to be customized to your financial institution and delivered directly to your management team. We also provide these workshops at the Indiana Bankers Association from time to time.

Contact us for assistance with your training needs!

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