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Infotex Webinar – Data Flow Diagramming

By Michael Hartke | Wednesday, March 24, 2010 - Leave a Comment

If you’ve performed your Cybersecurity Assessment you’re probably wondering, “what is this data flow diagramming thing, why have my auditors never asked me for it, and how do I do one for my bank?” Join us as we run down the answers to those three important questions!

Dan Hadaway CISA created his first data flow diagram back in 1983, performed his first “data flow risk assessment” for a large company in 2000, and diagrammed his first data flow diagram for a bank in 2005.

He will show us what he would expect as an auditor, and help us identify the necessary tools, inventories, and starting points for putting “Data Flow Diagram” in the “yes” column on your Cybersecurity Assessment!

This is the second stop on our 2016 IT Governance Tour.


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