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Dan Hadaway: CyberPoet and Speaker

Cyber Event Moderator, Speaker, Published Writer, and CyberPoet

Available for customized conference talks or more personalized engagements such as Cybersecurity Awareness Training.

Dan Hadaway

Founder, infotex

Expertise: Cybersecurity Compliance

About Dan:

Imagine a speaker who helps management understand technical concepts through the use of metaphors, and you’re imagining Dan Hadaway. To help community banks manage technology risk, Dan Hadaway founded infotex in 2000. He holds three certifications from ISACA, helped write the first version of the CRISC manual, has been published in the ABA Compliance Magazine, developed many of the cybersecurity policies we now take for granted, coined the phrase that Awareness is 9/11’s of the battle, and has been moderating Indiana Bankers Association Technology Conference since its inception in 2006. Dan also co-moderates the Ohio Bankers League IT Forums throughout the year.

Dan has spoken in front of many different bank associations including those in Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, and Ohio.

Dan is the father of two beautiful daughters who are almost as beautiful as his wife, Stacey, the president of infotex.

Sample of Available Talks:

Dan has a collection of subjects that are always available, you will see a sampling of those below, but if you have a topic Dan and his team can customize talks to fit your needs!

Inbox Zero and Other Time Management Tricks

The average worker spends 500 hours per year processing 200 emails a day. In this talk, Dan Hadaway, Information Architect and founder of infotex, will show us how he and his team changed their email processing habits, resulting in increased productivity by saving 1,000s of hours of email processing, lower anxiety, and increased collaboration.

Break the Tie

We often describe cybersecurity as a battle where the bad guys sometimes win, and we can only hope for a tie. When Dan heard an examiner state this, after a recent guidance that weakened the out of wallet control, Dan decided it’s time for community banks to break that tie!

Here’s how!

The presentation includes recorded reenactments of Pretext Calling examples and commentary on how they could be improved or changed and how they help arm us with the Awareness to Break the Tie that is Cybersecurity!

Deliverables will include pertinent boilerplates and summaries.

What is a SIEM and Why Do You Need One?

When you hear the word, “SIEM,” if you think of a system that includes a database, sensors on the network, agents on critical assets and lots of threat intelligence, it’s like you are describing a friend by listing his or her body parts.

A SIEM is actually a process executed by a collaboration of three teams. The database you call a “SIEM” (or a SIM or a SEIM) is actually a subsystem to a process that, if not fully understand, will lead to poor incident responses.

In this talk, Michael will help us understand why, especially in community banking, the interaction of the three teams is essential not only to incident response, but also incident prevention.

Deliverables will include pertinent boilerplates or summaries.

The Magnificent Seven

How can “mean hombres” be stopped from attacking and bullying the bank, while keeping the community modern and prosperous? That is the question Yul Brenner and his team had to answer in The Magnificent Seven; and it is the same question technology, security, fraud and cybersecurity managers have to answer as a part of their day-to-day job. The answer: teaching the town to protect itself, while encouraging it to be modern, will keep it prosperous. What seven technology trends should be considered in 2023 and beyond? How can bankers make sure the management team is ready to adopt to these trends as the bank’s risk appetite allows?

Find out answers to those questions and more, including:

  • How can these trends be considered in technology planning?
  • How does the bank ensure new technologies can be adopted safely, both from a risk management and return-on-investment perspective?
  • How can management be motivated to “build security in, not
  • What is a “security culture” and how can it be nurtured?

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