It’s the last day of the last month of the last year of the first decade of the first century of the third millennium. I’ve already come up with my own list (Dan’s Ten Scariest Technology Trends in Banks).

Network World and PC World present two really good reads, listing the top ten nightmares of the decade, and the top 12 data breaches of the year.

Of the decade:

    1. Cyberwar
    2. Malware
    3. Social Media Attacks
    4. Organized Crime (and Viruses)
    5. Botnets
    6. Albert Gonzalez
    7. Phishing
    8. Outdated Standards
    9. Patch Tuesdays
    10. Paid Vulnerability Disclosures

The article also links to a slideshow of the top 12 data breaches of the past year, which will make great fodder for various levels of awareness training. Don’t forget to credit Network World!

Robert Vamosi wrote the PC World article about the decade here:

Jon Brodkin’s slide show about the last year’s data breaches is on Network World’s website, located here

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Dan Hadaway, CISA, CISM
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