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financial institutions, healthcare, information security

Ask us for references during your vendor due diligence process!

Our clients range in size from small, single-location banks to large hospitals and multi-billion dollar banks. We take great pride in exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Make sure to perform proper vendor due diligence!

As we preach in our Vendor Due Diligence workshops, you should NEVER engage with a new vendor (like us) without at first fully checking their references. For security reasons, we can not list them on this web page. However, at your request, we’d be happy to arrange interviews or let you swap e-mail addresses with our clients!

In addition, since our clients are required to conduct proper vendor due diligence, we have available to prospective clients a Due Diligence package.

Just ask us!

IT and Facilities Manager
Service: External Penetration Test
“Everything was great! I think the process was well organized and follow up was thorough. I was very pleased!”

Systems and Vendor Manager
Services: Intrusion Prevention Service (IPS) and Social Engineering Testing (Pretext Calling / Phishing / Password File Analysis)
“The switch from a national service to Infotex for intrusion detection service ranks as one of our better decisions. It was an easy sell: the cost was lower, the service level was higher, and the design of the program was a better match. Working with Infotex is a pleasure in all phases. They work hard to understand our needs and values in the sales process. Service delivery is competent, prompt, and helpful. We have since engaged Infotex in a social engineering assessment to help us gauge our users’ level of awareness in security matters. We feel we received the same value for that effort as well.”

Director of of Education
Services: Training / Education
“I have always been very satisfied with the way Infotex prepares for their training workshops. Not only do they do a great job of creating workbook material, but they also offer a variety of information in electronic form off of their portal. Their ratings on their evaluations are always very high. In particular, the evaluations of their latest workshop scored mostly “excellents”, and we rarely see this many excellent ratings on one workshop.”

Senior Vice President of Operations
Services: Technical Vulnerability Assessment and Security Awareness Training

“Since we have been using Infotex, our IT exams have been a much more simplified process. The examiners appear to be satisfied when I hand them a report from Infotex generally resulting in few to no questions. They seem to know the name and respect the company’s reputation.

We have Infotex handle our technical assessments. Their reports are organized so that the appropriate people in my bank get the information they need. They perform social engineering tests, and then help us develop and maintain our awareness program.”

VP of Information Technology
Service: Security Awareness Posture Assessment

“Their reports had clarity, screen shots, and the level of detail was great! The reporting focused on who would be reading the report.”

Dept. Head Bookkeeping
Services: Information Security Program and ISO Training

“When we first started this process, I was so overwhelmed and thought it was a total waste of time. It wasn’t! The examiners gave us a 1 and said that they were very impressed with the program. We couldn’t have done it without infotex.”

Information Security Officer
Service: Risk Assessment Training

“They saved our butts!”

Information Security Officer (after OCC examination)
Service: GLBA Compliance Program Development

“The letter said Infotex has provided sound guidance.”

Internal Auditor
Service: Risk Assessment Training

“When I showed the examiners the Risk Assessment handbook given to me at a recent workshop presented by Infotex, the examiners told me that if I followed their [infotex’s] process, our assessment would be great.”

Network Systems Manager
Service: Technical Vulnerability Assessment

“Infotex worked well with our IT staff as well as our management staff, acting more as partners than auditors. Their reports were very easy to understand, yet gave the staff the information necessary to review every detail. They left us with the tools we needed to manage the corrective process and the vulnerability matrix that was provided was a perfect map to begin with the most important issues and to ensure we started corrections in the areas that had the highest degree of risk.”

IT Manager
Service: Information Security Assessment

“I recommend Infotex to anybody. They conducted an Information Security Assessment, creating a useful Vulnerability Matrix for the execution of Security projects, writing a computing policy for us, and performing numerous other security functions. Infotex has impressed me every step of the way.”

Chief Information Officer
Service: IT Audit

“Infotex provides an excellent service, well-worth the reasonable price. They developed a simple, easy-to-understand plan to comply with regulations. The report was 1000 times more thorough than other audits we had . . . but organized to be much easier to understand and implement.”

IT Manager
Services: Policy Development and Technical Vulnerability Assessment

“Infotex helped me pinpoint vulnerabilities that I had no control over, such as policy and procedure issues, as well as issues arising from proprietary systems we had installed. They showed me how to remediate most of the vulnerabilities on my own. I now feel much more relaxed about the security of my network. I no longer have to look over my shoulder.”

Director of Technology
Service: Network Configuration Audit

“Our corporation was very impressed with the service that Infotex has provided and the relationships that have been developed between my staff and the staff of Infotex. We would recommend them to any company needing Information Security Consulting services.”

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