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We are pleased to offer our IT Policy and Procedure templates to banks and organizations around the world. Our templates help you create excellent policy for security and governance purposes.

Our templates are organized into a cohesive, organic IT Governance Program. For more information on how to assemble your own governance program, check out our white paper!

IT Resource Library!

Now you can develop your Information Technology Governance Program with confidence!

Often we will combine policies and procedures from different “IT Governance Programs” into what we call “kits.” These are a collection of IT policy documents designed at address a particular issue. Our premier kit release is our Mobile Devices Security Kit.  It is our second kit release, right after the Social Media Policy Kit and the Customer Awareness Kit.

Following are the kits we have currently available:

To purchase a policy, procedure, or template, simply add it to your shopping cart. We accept Mastercard, Visa, and Paypal.

30 Day Guarantee: With the purchase of any of our templates, you have 30 days to try it to ensure it will fit with your environment. If not, contact us for a full refund.

Be sure to read the information about our Transfer of Copyright Agreement. Upon customizing the boilerplates to your own unique situation, the copyright of the policy for your organization passes to your organization.

Click here for more information about the terms and conditions of our boilerplate sales.

Our latest release (06/28/12) is our new ATM Risk Assessment, a document which will eventually be part of our Branchless Banking Kit.

Following are the complete IT Governance Programs we will eventually have available:


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