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Seven Steps of a BCP Walk-through Test

By Dan Hadaway | Friday, August 26, 2011 - Leave a Comment

I just sent this in an e-mail to a Client, and thought maybe other people could use it.


  1. The walk-through should be a planned test (needs to be scheduled in advance, with all BCT members required to attend, and all BCT members should know the purpose of the test.)  Sharing this checklist in the meeting invitation would suffice.
  2. All Business Continutity Team (BCT) Members need to be present and they need to sign an attendance sheet.
  3. The walk-through should confirm that all BCT Members have their own copy of the plan, and that their copy is up-to-date.  The BCP coordinator should personally and physically look at each BCT Member’s plan to confirm updates are in the plan.
  4. The walk-through should also review any policies or procedures that call for the plan.
  5. The walk-through should go through the entire plan, one page at a time, making sure that all BCT members understand and agree with the plan, updating system descriptions and such.  If there is disagreements, they should NOT be resolved in the walk-through, but the minutes of the walk-through should reflect this so that the BCP can be updated at a later date with resolution of disagreements.
  6. The walk-through should confirm all phone numbers, and remind BCT members to keep their plan at home (when they are not using it in BCP Tests).
  7. The walk-through should end with a reading of the “decision summary” or “minutes” and a written copy of such should be sent to all BCT members (as well as other appropriate management team members) within a reasonable amount of time after the test.


The above is quick and off the top of my head, but I believe if you follow it as a guide, you’ll have a sufficient Walk-through Test of your Business Continuity Plan.

Dan Hadaway
Managing Partner
infotex, inc.



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